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The forward-thinking Internet user will have already determined that he or she has, indeed, reached the home page of Kevin Byrne, Professional Potter.

Kevin Byrne, Professional Potter
Kevin Byrne
Professional Potter

We're glad you decided to drop by.

Hey, pottery!

You noticed! The onslaught of raw ceramic power that is Kevin Michael Roosevelt Higgenbottom Schwarzwelder Carl Byrne will be careening through Tennessee, northwest Arkansas, and of course The Great State of Oklahoma. Theyear's shows are in full effect, and it's high time you topped off your ceramics tank.

So what are you looking for?

Probably some lovely functional stoneware handcrafted by an Actual Professional Artist Person, if our guess is anywhere near as good as we think it is.

Which is great! Because you're in the right place. Get to clickin', and come learn about what Kevin Byrne makes, where he'll be showing his work in the immediate future, and how you can get your hands on some of it.

The Shows, Man! Whither the Shows?

Keep your hat on, pal. Learn where Kevin Byrne will next hawk his (stone)wares here.