Between the variety of items you can order and the variety of patterns you can get them in, it’s possible you’ll never leave this page, trapped as you are in a neverending spiral of decision-making overload.

But don’t let that stop you! Here, to start, is a sampling of the objects you can get from Mr. Kevin M. Byrne.

  1. Bowls!
  2. Canisters!
  3. Containers!
  4. Things Meant for Holding Liquids!
  5. Platters!
  6. Trays!

But before you start!

A brief note on sizing.

Since these minor masterworks are individually handmade, producing them in a completely uniform size is more or less impossible.

That said, if you order a set of plates in the same size, rest assured they’ll be close enough in size that none of your dinner guests or children or children’s dinner guests will feel slighted after receiving a plate, cup or bowl that’s noticeably smaller than the one in front of the adjacent child’s dinner guest.

Part 1: Bowls!

Part 2: Canisters!

Part 3: Containers!

Part 4: Things Meant for Holding Liquids!

Part 5: platters!

Part 6: Trays!