Unless you’re planning on attending one of the shows where he appears, if you’re interested in buying things from Kevin Byrne, it’ll be by special order. (Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, and it doesn’t cost extra or anything.)

The ordering process

Pay close attention.

  1. Figure out which items you want. A good way to do this is to look through the types of things Kevin makes, then narrow it down to 20 or 30 items you simply cannot leave without.
  2. Figure out what pattern you’d like. A good way to do this is to check out the patterns Kevin’s used before, and see if there’s anything there you’d like. If there’s one there that you’re already in love with, terrific! If what you see is almost what you want, but not quite, I’ll bet we can work something out. (See step 3.)
  3. Contact Kevin and let him know what you’re interested in. And oh, look! We have a page for that. You can e-mail first, then call; you can call first, then e-mail … the possibilities are limited only by the number two, which is the number of possibilities.


The shipping process is a magical one, handled by mysterious persons in blue uniforms who answer only to the name “[postal employee’s name here], Postal Employee.”

Items of note:

  • Your order will be packed with the utmost care by The Artist Himself, who has been packing with the utmost care for entire decades now. Trust him: He’s a professional potter.
  • In the event that your order becomes somehow damaged during shipping, please take some small comfort in the knowledge that breakage during shipping is absolutely as big a pain in the butt for Kevin as it is for you. If the breaking happens, fret not: He’ll totally work something out with you.
  • The Potter In Question is pretty flexible when it comes to shipping options, which is to say that if you need it as soon as possible, he can send it “real quick-like,” to use the parlance of the shipping industry.

So then! Looks like it’s time to start picking out your pots! Let’s get to it.